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America the Beautiful from Clothworks

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Ref # y0523-11      $9.50 yd         Quantity:  

Old Glory from Blue Hill

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Ref # 7110-1      $9.60 yd         Quantity:  

America the Beautiful from Clothworks

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Ref # y0523-12      $9.50 yd         Quantity:  

American Glory
Stars and stripes forever
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Ref # 1649-20271-e      $8.95 yd         Quantity:  

Tan with navy dots and stars
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Ref # sp05-tan-navy      $8.00 yd         Quantity:  

Patriotic animals
Bear, rabbit, cat, flags
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Ref # patriotic-bears-16      $7.00 yd         Quantity:  

Primary colored stars on a cream background

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Ref # patriotic-stars-8      $7.95 yd         Quantity:  

Flags, stars and stripes
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Ref # 2039-24      $8.25 yd         Quantity:  

Patriotic striped triangles

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Ref # 53500      $6.00 yd         Quantity:  

Gold with stars and stripes
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Ref # 1861-a      $8.75 yd         Quantity:  

Navy or black stars on cream

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Ref # avlyn-2600-102      $8.30 yd         Quantity:  

Patriotic Patchwork
Rows of stars, hearts, checks, swirls and more
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Ref # 1806-80386-134      $8.20 yd         Quantity:  

Star Spangled Banner
Red anchors and dots on cream
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Ref # r92-211a-111t      $6.95 yd         Quantity:  

Vintage Workshop from Moda
Soldiers, drummers and flags
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Ref # 4306-12      $8.20 yd         Quantity:  

A Joyful Christmas
Tan stars on red
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Ref # r25-6340-111w      $8.00 yd         Quantity:  

Georgetown from Moda
Flags 4 1/2 x 7 images can be cut apart and used individually
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Ref # 8242-5      $8.50 yd         Quantity:  

Windham Fabrics Old Glory III

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Ref # 27125-2      $8.75 yd         Quantity:  

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