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Floral Gatherings Time Worn from Moda
Primitive gatherings reproduction carnation tan on neutral background
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Ref # 1100-30      $11.00 yd         Quantity:  

Floral GatheringsTime Worn from Moda
Primitive Gatherings tan background with tiny green leaf and fred floral design
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Ref # 1104-22      $11.00 yd         Quantity:  

Floral Gatherings Peony from Moda
Primitive Gatherings reproduction mini pomegranate pink
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Ref # 1105-28      $11.00 yd         Quantity:  

Floral GatheringsSunflower from Moda
Primitive Gatherings reproduction mini pomegranate yellow
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Ref # 1105-29      $11.00 yd         Quantity:  

Floral Gatherings Mini Charm Pack from Moda
Primitive Gatherings Mini Charm Pack consists of 42 pre-cut 2 1/2" fabric squares.
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Ref # 1100mc      $4.00 pack         Quantity:  

Floral Gatherings Time Olive
Primitive Gatherings Reproduction Straw Flower Tan
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Ref # 1106-27      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

Floral Gatherings Time Crimson
Primitive Gatherings Reproduction Flower Buds Tan
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Ref # 1108-24      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

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